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Max Depot


Investment returns that leads to a better life.

Are you in a productive stage of your life?

Do you have special dreams for your future and you keep wondering which is the best way to make them come true?

If you provide for the future, with the program Max-Depot you make a decisive step realizing your goals and turning your savings potential to advantage.

The guaranteed program Max-Depot is a modern program that allows you to combine systematic long-term savings with the dynamic return rates offered by Max-e-mize Holding investment Group plc.

The minimum payment starts from € 5000.

With a little savings you can enjoy an annual return rate of 8% that can only be achieved with large invested capital.

Max-e-mize also provides you written detailed briefing on the progress of your investment program on a monthly basis and additional 24 hours daily online access to your account

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If you provide for the future, you can secure effectively the value of your investment against the uncertainty of life.

In case you are not able to have a fixed income from your job due to an accident or illness, you can always ask a part of your investment to be returned to you as part of your profit, the entire profit or even a larger share of your deposit.

your advantages

 The minimum payment starts from € 5000

 Effective response against inflation

 Higher rate of return than the one offered by common deposit accounts

  Annual return of 8%

So, it is worth to decide for your future today.

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