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Max Benefit Easy


Today having no available time to take advantage of the benefits provided by fixed income, most people wonder what they can do to turn their savings to account and which way this capital can ensure a lifelong monthly income, in order to avoid any waste or minimization over time or due to inflation and uncertain management.

The answer comes from Max-e-mize and the program Max-Benefit Easy.

With this program it is possible to calculate, depending on the amount of the available capital, the monthly income that may be paid to the interested already from the first day of the next month

This income is guaranteed, life-adjusted and can be transferred to a third person of your choice.

Max-e-mize is also giving you the chance to reconsider every year your decision without any reduction of your capital due to penalty.

detailed description

You invest totally € 60.000 and you receive a guaranteed annual return rate of 8%.

Your monthly income amounts to € 400.

You can increase it by making additional deposits.

At the other hand you have the right to reduce your initial investment to a minimum amount of € 5.000.

In case you quit the product MaxBenefit Easy you get reimbursed your invested capital in full amount without deduction of costs or fees.

your advantages

  Guaranteed monthly payments

  Guaranteed return rate, in order to know from the beginning how much will your monthly income be

  Right in contract termination every year without any charges

  Selection of your program’s duration

  Fixed return rate of 8%

  Minimum initial deposit from € 5.000

  Keep your initial capital secured

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