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What is the KI-System

In Max-Benefit flexi you decide the monthly deposit starting from only € 9,90.You should also know that the bigger your monthly deposit of your savings, the faster you will reach the desired capital with the benefits of creative development of interest rate.

In Max-Benefit Easy and Max-Depot you can start your investment with an initial deposit of € 5.000.

With these programs monthly deposits are not required.

What are the possible consequences, if my financial status get worse and I am not able to continue the monthly deposit of my savings?

That is no problem at all. Anytime you can suspend your monthly savings and when your financial status gets stabilized, you continue the payments every month. In the meantime, your existing capital keeps getting interest.

If you replenish in 12 months all your lost suspended monthly savings, then you have no change at your desired capital planning.

Otherwise due to depleted annual savings your initial desired capital will be downward adjusted.

How many yeas would I have to save?

In the program Max-Benefit flexi there is no time limits.

It’s you who decide when you want to suspend your investment at the desired capital you have created. Next you can have the entire capital with the corresponding profit in your bank account or you can transfer this amount to our Max-Benefit easy program and this way ensure a fixed monthly income.

What happens with my money in case of decease?

In case of decease your entire capital is transferred to your heirs.