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How do I become a customer?

If you have decided on a product, select Online Registration under the respective product menu and complete the request for opening a account.

If you have any questions, please send us an email using our contact form and our customer service will contact you.

What happens if an investment company or a custodian bank becomes insolvent?

The legal regulation provides that in the event of the insolvency of the investment company, the special asset does not enter the bankruptcy estate but remains independent.

The right to manage the special asset will pass to the custodian bank (§§ 38 and 39 Investment Act).

The custodian bank then has to process the investment fund and distribute the proceeds to the investors.

Alternatively, the custodian bank can transfer the fund to another investment company with the approval of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

The creditors of the investment company and the capital investment company itself have no access to the investment fund.

Consequently, the assets of investors do not depend on the economic situation of the investment company.

If the custodian bank, which is holding the assets of the investment fund becomes insolvent or if there are other reasons to fear that it will no longer perform its duties properly, the investment company will initiate a change of custodian bank or the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority will order this (§ 21 Investment Act).

The fund assets, which are separated from own assets of the the custodian bank lies in blocked security deposit or blocked accounts, are then transferred to the new custodian bank.

How safe is my money?

At Max-e-mize, we understand that the safety of your money is a priority.

The implementation and strict compliance to financial guidelines is our highest priority.

Our company regularly submits financial reports to verify its financial stability and the regularity of all legal requirements, including the possession of sufficient reserve capital, which serves to hedge client funds.

We manage our sight deposits at the most renowned financial institutions, which naturally also belong to the he Deposit Guarantee Fund.